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    Printed Double Charge Tiles

    When it comes to choosing tiles that are durable and strong, Orientbell’s printed double charge tiles are one of the tiles to consider! Even though the price of these tiles is higher than that of other tiles available in the market, the extra cost is worth it. These tiles are available at a starting range of Rs 71 per sq. feet or Rs 764 per sq. metre. 600mm x 600mm is the only size in which printed double charge tiles are available. PDC Kassia, PDC Royale White and PDC Bagota are some of the options available in PDC tiles.

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      Lay down printed double charge tiles to give an aesthetic look to your space!

      Printed double charge tiles are one of a kind as these are carefully crafted with a double layer of material. The design and pattern is printed on one layer which is then combined with the other layer of the tile. There are different types of printed double charge tiles design available. All of them vary in their colour, design, pattern and finish. The main factor which makes these tiles different from one another is the colour of these tiles.

      These tiles are mainly available in light colours such as beige, white and cream. These light shades can give an elegant and classy look to the place and can be even creatively combined with dark colours to give a highlighter look to space. Further, these tiles are resistant to stains, scratches, water, acids and chemicals. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and are one of the most durable and robust tiles available at Orientbell.

      Zenith series and Nano series are part of the double charge category and are some of the latest trends under this category. Also, one or more coloured tiles can be combined to get that trending look for the place.

      Printed Double Charge Tiles Price

      Check out the price range for different variants of Orientbell’s printed double charge tiles.

      Popular PGVT tiles categories Price range
      PDC Kassia Rs 71 per sq. feet
      PDC Angela Rs 71 per sq. feet
      PDC Royale White Rs 71 per sq. feet
      PDC Atara Rs 71 per sq. feet

      Printed Double Charge Tiles Size

      These tiles are available in only one size. But the good news is that this size, typically, will fit into any place of your choice.

      Printed double charge tiles size Size in MM
      Regular size 600mm x 600mm

      Tile visualizer- TriaLook and Quick Look

      Orientbell always comes up with new ideas and innovations, whether it be in the context of its products or technologies. Quicklook and TriaLook are the two interactive tile visualizer tools on its official website that can be used while choosing the tile for your special space. They let you try out the tiles of your choice digitally in your space to give you an idea how your space will look when the tiles are finally installed.

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